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Switchboard: +44 (0)203 947 1539
Switchboard: +44 (0)203 947 1539
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Health and Pharmaceuticals

Health is important to everyone the world over. Whether it be the challenges produced by an ageing population, the emergence and rise of certain diseases or the responsiveness of the healthcare sector, each and every country faces pressures.

These pressures very often mean that countries look abroad for the necessary IT, medical equipment and pharmaceuticals. This, in turn, has led to opportunities for firms to open up new markets. Unfortunately, for the pharmaceutical industry, this has led to many instances of bribery and corruption. It has also led to some health facilities, professionals and officials in the UK and abroad coming under investigation for suspected fraudulent activity.

As a firm that is recognised nationally and internationally (and by worldwide legal guides) as among the very best when it comes to expertise in bribery and corruption and fraud, we are ideally placed to advise companies on how to avoid activity that could lead to prosecution. We devise procedures to help companies prevent, identify and report bribery and fraud in whichever country they encounter it. We are regularly commissioned by corporates to conduct a thorough investigation to determine if, what and how wrongdoing has been committed and then devise the best course of action.

Rahman Ravelli also represents those who are accused of wrongdoing in relation to the supplying of healthcare products or the management of healthcare finance, here and abroad. We are recognised experts in conducting internal investigations to pinpoint the cause of a problem. Rahman Ravelli’s ability to manage and co-ordinate cases that cross borders and involve a number of investigating agencies makes us the logical choice for those looking to ensure such a problem causes the least possible damage.

The huge sums and major markets involved in this sector mean that it is regularly the subject of high-level, commercial disputes. As seasoned professionals when it comes to commercial litigation, we are adept at managing all aspects of such disputes and any related activities, such as worldwide asset tracing and recovery.

Our clients include healthcare professionals, administrators and centres, suppliers of equipment, pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers and companies looking to invest in health in a wide variety of countries.

The challenges the health sector presents both in the UK and abroad mean that many who are involved in it – or are looking to be – need the very best advice to ensure they are legally compliant. We provide that advice.

Health and Pharmaceuticals

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Health and Pharmaceuticals

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