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Switchboard: +44 (0)203 947 1539
Switchboard: +44 (0)203 947 1539
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The emergence of the CIS’ oil and energy sector has been particularly notable. As a firm that has extensive experience of business dealings in these CIS success stories, Rahman Ravelli is ideally placed to offer advice and provide the whole range of relevant legal services as and when they are required in relation to all the situations that can arise here.

The CIS is the largest supplier of oil and gas to the EU. Its significance in the marketplace cannot be over-emphasised – and neither can the importance of being legally represented by those who can anticipate and meet your business and financial requirements in this sector.

The legal teams at Rahman Ravelli are made up of lawyers with all the expertise that is necessary when you are either planning to do business in the CIS or have an issue that needs to be resolved in relation to your business in one or more of these countries. As a firm that can provide nationally and internationally-recognised skill and experience when it comes to managing cases that cross borders and / or involve more than one investigating agency, we will always help secure the very best outcome to any issue that arises for those trading in the CIS.

Our worldwide asset tracing and recovery skills as well as our depth of experience when it comes to complex and high-stakes commercial litigation ensure that we can protect your interests in the CIS. We conduct investigations for clients who do business in the most far-flung areas in order to determine what the issues are and plan and execute the best course of action.

The emergence of the Commonwealth of Independent States was an outcome of the demise of the Soviet Union and while the pace of development has varied from country to country, these nations are generally keen to attract foreign investment and expertise.

As a vast area with considerable agricultural and industrial sectors, the CIS has much to offer the would-be investor or the company or individual looking to trade with any of its nations. Its production of metals and fuels along with its markets for chemicals, machinery, engineering and transport make its nations attractive potential business partners. As with Russia, there is an increasing demand in parts of the CIS for Western exports.

With these countries still finding their feet in the wake of the Soviet Union’s collapse they do have needs that outside companies can help meet. Logistics and construction as well as the retail and services sector are all major areas that offer significant business opportunities.

The CIS is such a diverse, far-flung and developing region. It is important that anyone or any company that does business there is aware of the potential pitfalls. The CIS is not immune to the dangers of bribery, money laundering and other financial crime – it is important that those looking to trade and invest there are aware of those dangers.

At Rahman Ravelli, we ensure our clients are compliant with all legislation in whichever country they trade. We are ready to respond at a moment’s notice should a problem arise.


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