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Switchboard: +44 (0)203 947 1539
Switchboard: +44 (0)203 947 1539
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There is little doubt that Russia has become increasingly welcoming to foreign investment and private enterprise over the last two decades.

It has proved to be an expanding market for Western exports. But its own resources, its agricultural and industrial might and its mixed economy – part state-owned, part private – have provided many business opportunities to both those within and outside its borders. Its oil and gas industries are vast and the size of the country, the rapid development of its markets and its abundance of other natural resources make it an attractive proposition for those looking to trade or invest.

Its banking and retail sectors are developing, while its transport needs and its markets for utilities are thriving. The likes of engineering, metallurgy and processing of its resources are areas where foreign involvement can prove mutually beneficial.

At Rahman Ravelli, we have the expertise to represent those doing – or looking to do – business in the various markets that Russia provides and to help Russian corporates and high net worth individuals obtain, regain or retain what is theirs.

As with many areas where international trade is developing at speed, those who are trading in Russia or looking to have dealings with it need to be aware of all the implications; whether it be the risk of bribery, money laundering or other financial crime or the need to ensure compliance with all relevant international, national or regional laws and regulations. Our in-depth, internationally-recognised skill and experience in managing multi-agency and multi-jurisdictional cases means we can help obtain the best possible outcome for those come under investigation while trading in what is the largest country in the world.

In such a large, diverse nation our expertise in worldwide asset tracing and recovery and in-depth experience of complex and high-stakes commercial litigation make us the logical choice should problems present themselves that require a civil law solution. We conduct investigations for clients with interests in the most remote areas to determine what the issues are and devise the best strategy.


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